Pre-sales Service:


Application consulting: Our consulting experts know the application of cutting and welding technology in the world, we are ready to provide you with information on products, prices, technology, industry solutions and other aspects of the consultation, and will share our valuable knowledge with you, to help you make optimal solutions.

Inspection reception: You can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall, visit the company site, we will provide you with professional reception personnel.



In-sale services:


Installation: We will be responsible for your purchase of equipment for free installation, debugging, so that the machine can be put into use as soon as possible.

Training: We zhiyuan laser department has "laser processing technology training center", free of charge for your technical personnel to provide equipment operation, maintenance and technology training. After the installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment, we can also provide operators to continue training and guidance on site according to your needs, until your technical personnel have the ability to work independently.



After-sales service:


Maintenance: You purchase products to provide one year free warranty, lifelong maintenance. During the warranty period, if the equipment fails and parts are damaged (except for human factors and force majeure), our company shall be responsible for free repair, and the necessary replacement parts shall be provided by our company (except for consumable parts). After the warranty period, the cost of maintenance will only be charged at the cost price; At the same time, you can enjoy software upgrade service for life from the date of purchase. When maintenance service is needed, our engineers will provide a quick response.

◆ Preventive maintenance. According to your different needs, we can carry out regular maintenance of your machine, or we can provide you when you need. Regular adjustment and calibration of the machine ensures optimum performance. Some potential problems can also be solved before they break out so as not to affect productivity.

 Service outlets. We have established a perfect marketing network in China, and the international marketing network is also developing constantly. You can check our service network on our official website. The after-sales service response time is 4 hours, and the call for repair is received.

 Online services. We have established a variety of online service channels, you can contact us through customer service phone, customer service email, website online, website message, wechat public number and other channels to get the services you need.


Spare parts: The use of original spare parts and wearing parts can optimize the production efficiency of the machine. We can guarantee sufficient spare parts, and promise to you the most favorable price, fundamentally control the maintenance quality.

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