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The laser cutting production and processing of the laser cutting machine is widely used in everyone’s production and manufacturing. Compared with the traditional cutting method, it is more accurate and convenient, it mainly uses a high-power laser beam to heat the position that must be cut, and vaporizes raw materials in an instant to achieve the actual effect of cutting, but in the production process of cutting the whole process will cause some by the production process of reverse adhesion of molten metal spatter, this molten metal is called slag dip.

Fiber laser cutting machine in the production and processing of sheet metal parts will cause a lot of heat, all normal conditions, the heat caused by cutting will be spread along the slit to be produced and processed sheet metal parts, the adequate cooling. Fiber laser cutting machine in the production of small round hole processing, hole on both sides can be, adequate refrigeration, double hole on the inside of the small round hole part of the heat can be spread because of small indoor space, excessive energy concentration and then cause over hanging slag. In addition, in the cutting of thick steel plate, the molten metal deposited on the surface of raw material and its heat accumulation caused by the hole will cause the auxiliary cyclone confusion, heat input too much, and then cause slag hanging.

The occurrence of this kind of situation will seriously harm the precision and appearance of the goods, and is very easy to cause the customer’s unsatisfied mentality, many just touch the field of laser novice operators even less clear how to deal with metal laser cutting machine production and processing lead to raw materials hanging slag.

In fact, the laser production and processing of dregs produced by the production and processing standards, the production of processed materials, raw materials thin and thick harm

  1. Carbon Steel: If the set of production and processing standards moderate, very few of the conditions with slag. Slagging occurs when a heavy steel plate is cut, but it is very easy to remove.

2. Galvanized Sheet: The frequency of slag formation is high and the standard range for high quality cutting is narrow. For the production and processin  g  of raw materials coated with topcoat, the production and processing of slitting and wiping layer should be carried out first, and then the construction      technology of raw material cutting and processing should be carried out. 

3. STAINLESS STEEL PLATE: When the auxiliary gas is O2, it is difficult to prevent the formation of dregs, and the resulting dregs are also somewhat hard t  o remove. Using N2 to carry out no-air oxidation laser cutting in production and processing of slag, can greatly reduce the amount of slag. 

4. Aluminum: In aluminum cutting, the thicker the part, the more residue it will get.

In general, laser cutting machine occurs hanging slag, can be carried out from the following many levels of inventory, processing:

  1. The focal point is the distance from the laser focus point to the surface of the workpiece, which immediately endangers the Surface roughness, the inclination and total width of the slit, and the adhesion of the molten sediment. . If the focal point is too far ahead, that will make the product being cut under the work-piece digestion absorption of heat increase, in the cutting rate and auxiliary standard air pressure certain situation, will cause, the raw material cut and the melted raw material around the slit are liquid in the lower surface layer. The melted raw material after cooling will stick to the lower surface layer of the workpiece in a spherical shape. The cutting of the raw material under the hole can digest the absorption of heat reduction, so that the raw material can not be completely cut seam melting, in the plate before the surface layer will adhere to some sharp and short sediment.

2. Speed laser cutting, cutting speed selection is based on cutting plate only the material, plate only the thin thickness to be clear, different cutting spee      d, the quality of laser cutting will lead to great harm, moderate cutting speed selection, it can not only improve the high efficiency of laser cutting, but      also obtain excellent cutting quality.

Here’s how different cutting rates affect cutting quality:

(1) laser cutting too fast on the cutting quality of the harm: It is likely to lead to unable to cut, sparks flying. There are areas that can be disconnected, but there are areas that can not be disconnected. Result in all the cross-section of the more thick, but no melting stain. Cutting tool speed is too fast, leading to the plate can not be immediately broken, cutting cross-section show diagonal pattern, and the lower half of the melting stain.

(2) the laser cutting tool speed is very slow to the cutting quality harm: causes the cutting plate only to melt the condition, the cutting cross-section is not smooth. The cutting seam will be relatively large strain, in a small arc or oblique position resulting in all areas of melting, can not get the ideal cutting effect. Cutting high efficiency and low production.

(3) selection of proper cutting tool rate: the speed of cutting tool rate can be distinguished from the cutting flame: generally, the cutting flame spreads from top to bottom, and if the flame is askew, the cutting tool rate is too fast; if the flame is not spread and less, it will coagulate together, it shows that the cutting speed is very slow, moderate cutting speed, cutting surface display more stable wire frame, and the lower part of the non-melting stain.

3. Power output

When laser cutting, the selection of the size of the laser output power has an effect on the cutting quality. The cutting output power should be determined according to the material and thickness of the cutting plate, too much or too little output power can not get good cutting cross-section. Laser cutting, laser output power is too small, will lead to unable to cut. When the laser output power is set too large, all cutting surfaces melt and the cutting seam is too large, so the excellent cutting quality can not be obtained. When the laser output power setting is not enough, it will cause the cutting melt stain, and the cutting cross-section will cause the tumor scar. Moderate laser output power settings, with the appropriate amount of cutting gas and working pressure, can obtain excellent cutting quality, no melting caused by.

4. Standard pressure

In the laser cutting process, the auxiliary standard air pressure can scrape away the slag when cutting and refrigerate the heat hazard zone of cutting. Auxiliary Gases include O2, compressed air, N2, and rare gases. For a part of metal raw materials and non-metal raw materials, the general application is rare gas or air compression, can be avoided, raw materials ignition. Such as aluminum alloy material cutting. For most metal raw materials, the application of Active Vapor (such as O2) , this is also because O2 can air oxidation of metal surface, improve cutting efficiency.

When the Auxiliary Standard Air pressure is too high, a vortex occurs on the surface of the raw material, weakening the ability to remove the molten material, resulting in a larger slit and a non-smooth cutting surface; when the standard air pressure is too low, the molten material can not be completely blown away, the lower surface of the raw material will adhere to the slag. As a result, cutting to adjust the auxiliary air pressure, the best cutting quality.

Fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision equipment, usually an incorrect data information will lead to its abnormal operation in the work, so the work should be strict, and reduce the occurrence of incorrect. So we usually practical operation of laser cutting machine also need to be careful according to the characteristics of this raw material in the work, symptomatic treatment can make the actual effect of production processing better!

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