Advantages of laser cutting machine in hardware industry

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The traditional hardware processing equipment is to use the punch, and then with polishing, shearing plate bending and other multi-channel processes and finally forming, this kind of processing efficiency is relatively low, making the mold time is long, the cost is big, in addition, the two years of high national energy conservation and environmental protection, the metal processing industry has a certain impact.

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Laser cutting machine is produced on the premise of the urgent demand of this factory. It is a modern processing equipment with good economic benefits. It not only reduces the processing time of hardware products, but also makes great progress in quality, for the hardware processing industry has long-term significance.

The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of laser cutting machine:

1. Cutting quality, reduce labor costs

The laser cutting machine uses the laser non-contact processing characteristic, does not damage the work piece, the cutting product does not have the extrusion distortion, the processing product quality is good, does not have the Burr, does not need the artificial again to Polish, saves the unnecessary processing procedure, optimizing the Labor intensity of workers.

2. Save the investment of Mould and reduce the production cost

Laser cutting machine can directly produce all kinds of hardware parts without mould, no mould consumption, no need to repair and replace the mould, can save a lot of mould use, save processing costs, reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

3. High accuracy, high productivity

As an alternative to the “Shearing-punching”process, laser cutting technology has the characteristics of precision, flexibility and high efficiency, and can effectively process all kinds of complicated parts, can be set size for cutting, help to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, effectively improve labor productivity.

4, cutting speed, optimize the working environment

The laser cutting machine cuts quickly, the working time is stable, the noise is small, does not have the dust, will not produce to the human body and the environment harmful chemical substance, is also a kind of intimate protection for the operator, has guaranteed the production spot clean and tidy, reduced the later period investment, reduced the pollution, helped the hardware enterprise to promote the working environment optimization, complied with the environmental protection spring tide.

5, late maintenance costs low, cost-effective

The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, and laser cutting machine stable performance, durable and continuous work, not easy to damage, in the late maintenance cost has a great advantage.

For the hardware processing enterprises, the choice of laser cutting machine manufacturers is a very important link, good manufacturers to produce equipment can not only help enterprises to produce better products, but also help enterprises to control production costs and increase profits.

The laser equipment developed by Zhiyuan CNC Equipment Co. , Ltd. Has High electro-optic conversion efficiency, good beam quality, stable performance and high cost performance. It can meet the demand of hardware processing market and help hardware processing enterprises to reduce working procedure and construction period, reduce Mold input, improve work efficiency, while promoting the optimization of the working environment, effectively reduce costs.

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